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Buyer’s Guide to Specialized Fuse BMX Bikes

When considering to buy a BMX bike there are several things that you need to think about first. For example you will need to determine if you will be doing a lot of racing, or just taking on a few ramps and dirt roads in your own neighbor hood. When it comes to BMX bikes you have three options to choose from. There is the basic BMX bike, the freestyle bike and the jump bike. Your basic BMX bike is a basically a dirt ready bike used for racing. When looking to buy this type of bike you want something that is lightweight and has great brakes. The freestyle bike is a bike made for stunts and tricks. What you want to look for in a freestyle bike is something with a strong frame, good strong tires, and axle pegs and to help you with the money you need to buy any of these, you might want to consider playing แทงบอลออนไลน์ online. The jump bike is basically a combination of the other two. What you want to look for here is a strong sturdy frame, good wheels, and of course good breaks. If you want to buy the top of the line when it comes to BMX bikes that you need to take a look at the Specialized Fuse BMX bikes listed below.

There are five different Specialized Fuse BMX bikes to choose from. The first specialized bike is called the “Fuse 4”. This bike come in yellow only and has a nice amount of features. It has 100% Cro-Mo 21″ TT frame, butted Cro-Mo fork 1 1/8″ threadless, heat treated Cro-Mo 1pc CNC steerer, fuse SL, Forged alloy stem, Tektro FX-950 rear brake and lever. It also has specialized Lo-Pro mag II pedals and Specialized fuse SL cassette hub. The average price of this bike is about $700. The best thing about this specialized bike is that it is lightweight and tough. It is best used for freestyle riding, and street riding.

Next would be the “Fuse 3″ which will only cost you about $420, and comes in orange or teal. Some of the features on this bike are the 100% Cr-Mo 20.75″ TT frame, the FSA impact, 1 1/8” threadless headset, and the fuse forged alloy stem. This bike is perfect for street riding, and dirt ramp jumping. It is lightweight, strong and looks good too.

The “Fuse 2” will cost you about $360 and comes in Black or Kahki. Some of the features are the Tektro FX330 brake, linear spring, fuse tubular Cro-Mo cranks, and the specialized fuse 8 jumping saddle. This bike is best used for trails, Jumping and freestyle riding. It is also very light weight, and strong.

The next specialized bike is the “Fuse 1” which will cost you about $300. In comes in copper or purple for your color choices. Some of the features on this bike are the Tektro FX330 brake, linear spring, fuse tubular Cro-mo cranks, fuse euro bb, steel cups and the specialized rhythm sport front tire. This bike is very lightweight, tough, and looks good too. It is best used for street riding, freestyle, and Vert. This bike has gotten great reviews and is perfect for anyone just starting out.

Last but not least is the “Fuse 16” , which will cost you about $300 and comes only in the green distressed color. Some of the features on this bike is the Fuse forged allow stem, the fuse file grips, the odyssey freewheel, and the specialized compound sport tires. This bike is best used for street riding and basic freestyle. It does not hold up as well as the other bikes mentioned above but is considered to be a good beginners bike.

So there is the list of Specialized Fuse BMX bikes. Remember that when you are shopping for which specialized bike is right for you take the time to really think about what you will be using the specialized bike for.

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