Meet Token.
The anti-fraud card.

Pay for anything, everywhere without experiencing
fraud ever again. Guaranteed.

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Take matters into your own hands,

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your sensitive information keep failing.

Meet Token

No need to disclose your payment information

The best way to protect your information is simply to not share it in the first place. Use Token to pay for anything, anywhere and never disclose your real information to stores or service providers who could be breached.

Universally accepted, everywhere you pay

Built on the extensive MasterCard network, Token is accepted anywhere you want to pay. Use Token to pay for anything from a pizza over the phone to your cable bill online with the same convenience as before, but with greater security.

All bank accounts and credit cards

You can use any US bank account or credit card to generate payment Tokens in seconds for free. No matter how you choose to pay, Token is there when you need it.

Insanely secure, always on hand

No more looking for your wallet at checkout, Token is on hand. Integrated with your mobile device, Token defines a new standard for payment security with advanced security capabilities from encryption to biometrics. Simply authenticate, generate a Token, and pay.
Meet Token.
The anti-fraud card.

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Or download from App Store and Google Play

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Take matters into your own hands

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Eduardo, 31 In a few years people will think it's crazy we used to give away our credit card information online or over the phone.
Steve, 27 It's like paying with someone else's card. Well, almost.
Lucy, 27 It's simple and it's free. For me, token is a game changer!
Andrew, 29 So simple! Hackers simply can't steal what the stores don't have.
David, 36 With token I am finally in control of my privacy and my future.
Matt, 43 With token, I get to chose whom to trust.
Charlie, 38 It's like LastPass but for credit cards!
Sam, 24 I used to buy prepaid cards to pay online. Now I have token and it's right in my pocket.
Taylor, 42 Now I've realized that paying without token is like having your credit card number tatooed on your forehead.
Ron, 36 Believe me, fraud sucks - I would know. With token it will never happen to me again.
Margaret, 32 My everyday movie moment? Credit card fraud is the villain and token the superhero.
Sylvie, 25 If your credit card could speak, it would beg you to use token.
Jessica, 28 We all are busy, there's no time to worry about the hassles of fraud. With token, I'm always taken care of.
Kate, 29 In an era of lifehacks and DIY's, token is the best idea I've tried. So easy to use and saves me so much headache down the line!
Hallie, 22 Sometimes the sites I find them on look sketchy. With token, I can get any deal and never worry about being hacked later.
Anna, 29 Joining token was the best thing I've done to help protect myself against fraud. No more calling the bank and no more worry!

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