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payment fraud
a thing of the past

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Lock Away Your Credit Card

The best way to protect your information is to simply not share it to begin with. Using token ensures your payment information will never be shared with anyone online or over the phone ever again while you can continue to shop and pay with the same convenience you experience today.

It’s Secure

Locked with a personal passcode or fingerprint, enjoy a strong two factor authentication using an intuitive mobile experience you can trust, that is always in your hands, under your control. Have the peace of mind that even when your favorite merchant is breached and personal data is stolen, your personal payment information and identity is simply not there to steal. For you fraud becomes a thing of the past.

Any Bank Account, Credit Or Debit Card

Anyone with a US bank account, credit card or debit card can use token to generate an alternative payment card and identity in seconds. You can always use token for free and pay using your linked bank account. We made sure we get paid by the merchants, so you could focus on your privacy for free.

It’s Very Secure

We take your security and privacy very seriously. We designed token to make sure your payment information you linked to token is not saved on your device or anywhere else online. It is encrypted, again and again and stored off-the-grid in a highly secured underground financial datacenter used by banks and card networks.

A Better Experience

Imagine you could pay anywhere online and over the phone without giving away your credit card information. Experience convenience and security like never before, the perfect balance between convenience and privacy. Have the peace of mind that even when a merchant gets hacked, your information is protected. Always.

For The Greater Good

The anonymous data you create by simply using token contribute to building a data breach detection network that helps banks and issuers identify fraud and malicious activity ahead of time, before fraud attempts even occur.


No Fraud

"In a few years, people will think it's crazy we used to give away our credit card information online or over the phone.”
- Eduardo A. Braniff