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Vendor Tech Certifications: How to Find the Best Technical School

If you want to work with specific technologies within your career field, you will have to obtain a certificate that says you are certified in say, Microsoft technologies, Oracle or other technologies. Vendor certifications are typical in administration careers or other office careers, human resources, and other positions where experience in a specific technology can enhance marketability. According to Microsoft Learning, 43 percent of survey respondents report salary increases as a result of Microsoft Certification.

There are dozens of certification programs that offer vendor tech certifications online. You may enroll in any given certification program directly through the vendor. Most vendors offer certification in most of their available technologies, along with the option to complete the final testing phase online. Students are also given the option to complete the testing phase at a facility center in your area.

Upon completion of vendor tech certification, most vendors provide access to downloadable transcripts, certificates, and logos. Online certificates and exam transcripts may be accessed online anytime through the use of a secure, self-created password. Certificate holders are allowed to provide temporary access to potential employers for verification purposes. The vendor logo may be used for electronic resumes, business cards, and other methods of self-promotion as proof of certification.

To locate vendor tech certification programs, simply visit the website of the vendor you are interested in. You may also check online college directories such as such as best-technical-schools.com to find out if a local community college, vocational school, or technical school offers vendor tech certifications. Another option would be to use popular search engines such as Bing, Ask, or Google. If you take this route, be sure to check with the vendor to make sure the certification program is authentic. All you have to do is call of email the vendor with the program requirements to make sure all concepts are covered.

To learn more about schools that offer vendor tech certifications, including curriculum and program info, visit Best Technical Schools. For more information about administrative careers, human resources careers and many others, visit the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics at BLS.gov.

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