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Wal-Mart Accounts Being Hacked and Addresses Being Altered

You may have run into one of the latest Walmart.com troubles. Many of their customers, including myself, have logged into our accounts and bought an item. Everything seems to have gone just like normal. Only to realize that the shipping address was changed. You probably have never even changed it and have had your account for years. Somehow someone got into the account and changed the information. A lot of the time people realize it when it’s too late, and the item was already purchased. This has been happening to quite a bit of people.

This happened twice in just my family alone, so I can only imagine how much it is occurring in total. Upon checking out at Wal-Mart online, it read as my own name and address, so I didn’t think too much of it. Upon looking at the tracking, I noticed the second line of my address was changed, along with the state and zip code. It was in fact shipping to San Jose California instead. When my family member experienced this, they checked out assuming everything would run smoothly, as the account has been used for years without issue. Again, after examining the tracking, it was noticed that what was bought was being sent to an entirely different name and address in Orange County, California.

Wal-Mart doesn’t usually allow you to cancel your order online, and it is typically “too far along in the processing” to be changed. Your only hope is to contact the mail carrying facility and attempt to send the package back to Wal-Mart for a refund or to your own address. Otherwise, you may end up buying some hacker in another state a few gifts. Hopefully they weren’t too expensive of gifts.

My advice to everyone who is buying online from Wal-Mart is to never quickly checkout and assume your account information is still correct. Always remember to check your entire address each time. Also, it is advisable to checkout with PayPal because you can start a dispute of transaction through them if you need to. You tell them your Wal-Mart complaint, and they review it. From my experience with it, they refunded my money that I spent on the item I purchased from Wal-Mart that got sent to San Jose. Though, these people are still getting their “gifts”, at least PayPal is helping us get our money back.

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